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Digital India Corporation (DIC) as an integrated approach has taken-up the project to enhance its applications in the area of Agriculture, Embroidery & Weaving and Differently Abled for deployment in the North-Eastern States for the benefits of farmers, women, embroidery artisans, weavers and teachers of special schools. The ICT applications are enhanced / customized to meet the local requirements in each state.

Following are the DIC technologies identified for customization and deployment based on its usability and potential in North-East Region:

  • Interactive Information Dissemination System (IIDS): Empowering Agri Institutions & Farmers

  • CAD Tools (DigiBunai™ & DigiKadhai): Empowering Weavers, Designers & Artisans

  • Punarjjani™: Empowering Teachers of Special Schools & Children with Intellectual Disabilities

The brief summary of the proposal is as follows:

  • Objective

    Empowerment of citizens of North-East India by providing digital solutions to ease their job and enhance their productivity & livelihood with special focus on Farmers, Artisans, Weavers and Teachers (special schools)

  • Coverage

    All 8 NER States (Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Sikkim & Tripura)
  • Project Period

    48 Months
  • Beneficiaries

    Farmers, Agricultural Scientists, Embroidery Artisans, Weavers, Designers, Teachers of Special Schools & Parents of Children with Intellectual Disabilities apart from Domain Institutions (Agriculture Colleges, WSCs, Special Schools etc)