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Brief Details of Components

Component 1 : Interactive Information Dissemination System (IIDS)

IIDS is combination of Toll Free IVRS, Mobile App and Web Application which is developed based on assessment of Information needs of farmers to empower them by providing ‘Right Information’ at ‘Right Time’ in their desired ‘Mode & Language’.  It empowers the Agriculture Scientists to take informed decisions in delivery of personalized advisories by referring the farm information and enhances the outreach of Agricultural Universities / Institutions.
In this project, following two Sub-Components in IIDS have been taken up”


Following customisation / enhancement and deployment is envisaged in the project:

  • Customization of IIDS IVRS application to suit the requirement of three local dialects/languages (Adi in Arunachal Pradesh, Hindi / Nepali in Sikkim and Meitei in Manipur)
  • Development and implementation of knowledge support system (knowledge repository for experts, students and farmers for cross learning)
  • Development & Integration of UAV (Un manned Aerial Vehicle) application for crop data collection and monitoring with IIDS (Meghalaya)
  • Linking of local input dealers (seed / fertilizers / pesticides / farm machinery etc) at identified project location with requirements of registered farmers in Manipur, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh
  • Deployment of IIDS in North Eastern region (Manipur, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh)


IIDS Implementation Plan in NER
Number of Farmers / State


Component 2 : CAD Tools for Weaving and Embroidery

DigiBunai™ -  An Open Source CAD Tool for textile design to optimize the pre-loom process of design creation, graph generating, punching the punch cards and display the fabric digitally with different color & design combinations before weaving. Initially the software was developed for the jacquard designs to be used in Varanasi (for Banarasi Sarees).

This has been deployed with following plan for customization for the users of NER region:

  • Provision to create weaves, designs and colour catalogues.
  • Creates the library of weaves, designs, fabrics, yarns and colour catalogues.
  • Provision to create dobby fabric.
  • Flexibility to change the size, repeats & orientation of artwork
  • Provision to create the customized graph based on the loom parameters.
  • Provision to print the graph and direct punching through CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing)
  • Provision to change the layout of the Garment
  • Option for the front and back side view of the fabric
  • Seamless integration of 3rd party design tools
  • Feature of creating output compatible with electronic jacquards


Chic™-CAD Plus  (Powered by Inkscape):  Inkscape is widely used professional quality vector graphics software available under open source category which runs on Windows, Mac OS X and GNU/Linux. It is used by design professionals and hobbyists worldwide. It uses the W3C open standard SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) as its native format.

The existing software is planned for deployment with customization as per the local requirement and simplified to the rural users:

  • The enhanced software would support the widely used vector formats (.SVG) and thereby a more comprehensive import/ export functionality with support by all well-known vector graphics editors.
  • Simplified and less math intensive user experience (UI/UX as per current standards)
  • Support more advanced CAD functionality (symmetry) to make innovative designs with less time like other vector graphics editors.
  • Develop Region Specific user manual and Training Material
  • Creation of Region specific base motifs/pattern library.

Plan for Field Testing and Deployment of DigiBunai™ and Chic™-CAD Plus in Various NER States


Number of Weavers, Designer, Artisans / State


Component 3 : Punarjjani™

‘Punarjjani™’is a web based tool to assist special teachers in assessment evaluation & monitoring of children (6 -18 years of age group) with Intellectual Disabilities (IDs):

  • Special teachers normally maintain detailed assessment & programming records of children with IDs and analyze them manually which is a time consuming and cumbersome task.
  • ‘Punarjjani™’ empowers special teachers for easy, efficient, quick and regular assessment, evaluation & monitoring of children with IDs
  • School Principals / Admin Officers can add / delete teachers on tool and can view individual as well as general (aggregated) progress reports & graphs of children
  • Complete Case Record of each child is maintained
  • Facilitates homogeneous grouping of the children
  • Facilitates setting long term (yearly) goals and short term (quarterly) objectives for children
  • Provides promotion objectivity to next level
  • Follows standard manual methods, widely used for assessment of students with IDs in age group 6 - 18 years in special schools, have been integrated with tool:
  • FACP (Functional Assessment Checklist Programming) including FACP – PMR (FACP Checklist for Children with Profound Mental Retardation)
  • BASIC-MR (Behavioural Assessment Scale for Indian Children with MR)
  • MDPS (Madras Development Programming System)
  • Parents / Guardians can also view the progress reports & graphs of their wards
  • Bilingual: Hindi & English

Punarjjani is planned to be deployed in 8 States in Special Schools: